Vyvanse and Exercise Should You Work Out When Taking Your Medication?

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If you’re wondering whether Vyvanse and exercise is a good idea, or any other medication for that matter, here’s some information on working out while taking medication.
If you have prescribed prescription medication, you may be wondering if it mixes well with exercise.
Before you pop a pill and hit the iron, keep reading about how your prescribed prescription medication can affect your workout.
Working Out On Medication Tips
Here are some things to consider if you are working out on medication. Always consult with a doctor before trying any of these tips.
Your doctor might advise you to do exercise first and then take your medication, especially if you’re prone to exercise in a morning. Always ask your doctor about the timing of your medication.
You may be advised to eat a something before your workout since food can slow down the absorption of your medication. It is typically best to wait until the effects of your drug wear off, which usually take four to six hours before you work out.
It may be recommended to reduce the intensity of your workout or to take a rest if you feel overheated. Always listen to your body because it is very important. Everyone can feel a little different when it comes to how exercise and medications affect your body.
Exercising on Vyvanse Or Other Stimulants
If you are using prescribed Vyvanse, consult with your doctor before working out on it. Your doctor might recommend that you exercise in the morning before you take your medication. It may also be suggested that you always try to monitor your exercise tolerance and then discuss it with your doctor to decide if your dose is working, or if you need to lower it.
You should not stop taking your prescribed medication until you once consult with your doctor. Because Vyvanse is in a amphetamine class and is a stimulant, you may discover these side effects when you work out on it.
Side effects such as high blood pressure, an increased heart rate, anxiety, tremors, agitation, overheating, or even high risk of the heart attack could occur. This side effects can be increased if you abuse your prescription.
Working Out On Antidepressants
If you are prescribed a serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI’s) such as Zoloft, Paxil, or Prozac, these work by preventing the reabsorption of serotonin that causes a sedative effect. These medications can make you fatigued or drowsy, resulting in less energy for your workout.
Be careful, because you might not see this happening instantly. Antidepressants tend to take the few weeks before they start working. This doesn’t mean you should stop being active.
Exercise is the crucial to battling depression. It might be hard to determine if the antidepressant is impacting your workout, or if your depression just isn’t controlled.
So always consult with your doctor on when and how you can exercise on your SSI medication. Your doctor may be able to figure out a way to adjust your dosage or switch you to another medication.
Exercising on Xanax Or Other Benzodiazepine’s
Xanax is another medication that you should be careful using while exercising. Xanax is prescribed to treat panic disorders and anxiety. Its calming effects reduces your brain activity and stimulation.
Side effects associated with Xanax include fatigue, drowsiness, low energy, and muscle relaxation. These side effects can impact your energy level and or your ability to safely exercise. Again, consult with your doctor about exercising with your Xanax prescription.
Again, it will likely be recommended that you should exercise before you take a benzodiazepine like Xanax, Onfi, and Restoril.
Working Out on Sleeping Pills
Sleeping pills can lead to you being uncoordinated during exercising which can be incredibly harmful, like falling off the treadmill or injuring yourself with heavy equipment dangerous.
If you are taking a sleeping pill, always make sure that you are working out when the side effects have completely worn off.
Allergy Medicines and Exercise
If you suffer from allergies, you know the pain of allergy season all too well. Be warned that allergy medication, like Benadryl, can make you feel drowsy until it wears off.
These medications cross the blood-brain barrier which impacts your memory, coordination and causes drowsiness. You might want to try out the different brands before you see how comfortable you feel while taking your allergy medication and working out.
Allergy medications could may also cause a risk of excessive sweating and over-heating which can lead to dehydration. Make sure to drink plenty of water if you plan on working out while taking allergy medication.
Laxatives and Exercise
Laxatives are another over the counter medication that can be problematic to your workout. Certain laxatives cause the muscles in your gut to contract, which can lead to stomach pain and cramping.
During exercising, less blood flows to your gut, because it goes to your brain and skeletal muscles instead. This can make stomach cramping worse. To remedy this, don’t take laxatives too close to when you plan to workout, which may even mean the night before the morning workout.
Other Medications That Can Make Working Out Dangerous and Unhealthy
There are other prescription medications that can be dangerous to take while doing working out. Always consult with your doctor and try do your own research, before working out while taking a prescription medication.
Workout Safely
Now that you know how certain the medications and exercise interact, make sure to work out safely. Always try to consult with your doctor about prescription medication before you work out on it, and listen to your body.
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